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Sunny venue at wcmtl 2009

Photo of UQAM CDS by LexnGer

WordCamp Montreal 2012 will be held at UQAM’s Cœur des sciences. This is the same venue as the 2010 and 2011 event, which was lauded in our planning survey as easy to get to, functional and surrounded by sunny greenspace. We’re looking forward to another year of presentations in bright comfortable rooms and lunch in the grassy courtyard.

About the Venue:


The venue is internally-complicated and the different “rooms” are not visible with Google Maps. To avoid getting lost please print out or save this graphic to your smartphone:

Map of UQAM - Coeur des Sciences

Map of UQAM - Coeur des Sciences

La Salle Polyvalente

Salle Polyvalente (from CDS website)

“La Salle Polyvalente” is a big room on the second floor of 200 Sherbrooke street. It will be used for presentations.


200 Sherbrooke Street West
Montréal (Québec)
H3C 3P8
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Agora Hydro-Quebec & Chaufferie


picture of chaufferie

Chaufferie by Vanillaforums on Flickr

The Agora Hydro-Québec and the Chaufferie are in the center of the Coeur des Sciences courtyard and are connected to each other by a hallway. You can enter from either side. The Agora will be used for presentations, including keynotes.

The Chaufferie will be used for morning sign-in and coffee, as well as lunch and the “Happiness Bar”.


photo of salle polyvalente

Agora by Vanillaforums on Flickr

175 President-Kennedy Avenue
Montréal (Québec)

H2X 0A3
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Nearby Hotels

Unfortunately, we don’t have any special hotel deals to offer this year. However, our venue’s homepage has a great listing of nearby hotels listed in order of their proximity to the venue. Because the Coeur Des Sciences is right downtown all of these hotels are located in the heart of Montreal and you can easily access downtown, the old port and the metro (subway) system on foot.

View list of nearby hotels on the Coeur Des Sciences website »
(scroll down to the section called “Hotels near the Science Complex Pierre Dansereau”)

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