Thank you to the 2012 sponsors!

We wouldn’t be able to make WordCamp Montreal a reality without the help of our sponsors.

Platinum sponsor: TELUS!

Like last year we’d like to give special thanks to TELUS Shared Hosting who have generously agreed to be our top-level, Platinum sponsor, taking care of some of our biggest costs right out of the gate. TELUS provides affordable, reliable and secure website hosting. We are very happy to see them participate again this year. Their early and sustained support has been a huge help.

Sliver Sponsor: Savoir-faire Linux

Savoir-faire Linux
Savoir-faire Linux is the leading provider of training, consulting, development and support services on open technologies. We thank them for their important contribution to our event.

Bronze Sponsors: Stresslimit, Code Poet and Make Web Not War

Make Web Not War

We’d also like to thank our three Bronze level sponsors. Stresslimit is a Montreal web design and production agency. Code Poet is an important resource for anyone building sites with WordPress.  Make Web Not War is a community of tech enthusiasts. All are contributing to the community by supporting WordCamp Montreal 2012.

Aluminum sponsors

On The Go SystemsSymetris

Wysija NewslettersVortex Solution

Aluminum is not the most fancy metal, but in Quebec we know it’s immense value as a sustainable material (recycling FTW). This year’s Aluminum sponsors are OnTheGo Systems (the creators of WPML), Symetris (A web development studio specializing in WordPress and Drupal), Wysija Newsletters (a newsletter plugin for WP) and Vortex Solution (a one-stop web design service). Thanks guys!


Last but not least are our microsponsors, individuals and contractors who can’t afford a full sponsorship but still want to suppor WordCamp. Being a microsponsor is easy, just buy the $200 ticket instead of the normal one.

This year’s microsponsors: Jeremy Clarke, Diane Bourque, Digital Insite, Broche à foin (.biz), Uniseo Training, and Shaila Nakajjumba.

You can read more about each of our microsponsors on the Sponsors page.

It’s not too late!

If you’re interested in making WordCamp Montreal 2012 even better, it’s not too late to become a sponsor!

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