WordPress Plugin Development 201

After covering WordPress Plugin Development basics at last year’s conference, this presentation will continue its exploration of plugin development by covering topics such as the creation of an efficient development environment, efficiently loading and using jQuery, making plugins ready for internationalization and enhancing your plugin page on the official repository.

Some knowledge of PHP preferable. This talk is targeted to advanced users and up-and-coming coders. Watching my presentation from last year would also provide good background information.

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About Yannick Lefebvre

Yannick Lefebvre is a tech enthusiast and the author of the WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook, published by Packt Publishing. He has been blogging since 2003, started using WordPress in 2004 and published his first plugin, Link Library, in March 2005. Since then, he released six other plugins, all hosted on the official WordPress.org site. He absolutely loves using WordPress to develop web sites and find PHP to be a most liberating language compared to more traditional languages such as C/C++. Follow @ylefebvre on Twitter.

Three copies of the WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook will be raffled off during Yannick’s presentation. To order your own copy of this title in e-book format, buy the book from Packt and enter code wcmontreal12 in the promotional box field at checkout to get 40% off until December 31st, 2012.