Stop Writing for SEO And Start Writing for Your Audience

If content is king, then why are bloggers still bowing down in reverence to outdated SEO tactics? Google is doing all it can to strip away everything we used to believe about SEO copywriting — things like keyword density — and is implementing changes that have drastically altered search engine rankings for many, many websites. So, how do we write for SEO now? We don’t. It’s over. Now is the time for writers to write! Google is assessing the relevance of pages based more on a semantic algorithm that parses the content based on words it believes are relevant to each other. How do we target these algorithms most effectively? By writing good, solid, relevant content. And when we do that, especially on a blog platform, we increase our chances of having people share that content, which, in turn, increases the traffic. It’s time to throw SEO out the window, and start from scratch. The new strategy is simple: Write it right in WordPress and you open yourself up to new traffic sources, and higher search engine relevance.

This talk would be valuable to beginning blog writers, and to those who have a higher level of competence.

About Mark John Hiemstra

Mark John Hiemstra is a Staff Writer and Editor at Acquisio. He has been writing for the Web for more than 7 years, and has found WordPress to be his preferred platform for publishing content for as long as he has known of its existence. He has been active in SEO, SEM, and in many areas of marketing via the Internet, and is excited that the content we consume, along those who create it, are finally getting the recognition they deserve.