Responsive Design for WordPress

Shannon Smith
Responsive design: is it mobile, fluid, dynamic, or all of the above? A summary of all the ways you can get your WordPress site ready for the responsive Web. I’ll look at responsive images, typography, grids and video. I’ll cover online services that create a responsive version of your site, special WordPress plugins, responsive-ready WordPress themes, and more. I’ll talk about how to target specific devices, what to avoid and what’s best for SEO.

Requires familiarity with WordPress, HTML and CSS. This talk is intended for web designers and developers.

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About Shannon Smith

Shannon is the founder of Café Noir Design, a boutique Montreal web design company specializing in multilingual web development. She builds beautiful, functional websites that her clients can update themselves and that are easy for search engines to find. She support things like making the web accessible for everyone, using open source software, helping organizations find greener more sustainable ways to operate through online technology and helping non-profits with online community organizing. Also foodie and mother of four. twitter | google+ | blog