Getting WordPress to Speak Your Language

Rick RadkoAn in-depth look at creating WordPress sites in a language other than English, and/or with multiple languages. We will: set up a WordPress site that is not English, see what is needed in themes and plugins to use them in other languages, and learn how to create translations for themes and plugins. We will then review the different strategies and options for creating multilingual sites, from simple sites with custom themes, to multilingual plugins and multisite installs, and the issues related to each approach.

This talk should be informative for WordPress users of any skill level. To get the most from the talk, experience with changing settings, installing plugins, FTP/uploading files to your WordPress install, and editing configuration files would be an asset, but is not required.

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About Rick Radko

Rick Radko is a creative, artistic, and entrepreneurial engineer with a passion for finding solutions to difficult design problems. He is the owner of R-Cubed Design Forge, where he develops custom web applications, social networking and team collaboration solutions for businesses. Rick specializes in custom application development and multilingual WordPress sites. He is co-leader, and a frequent presenter at the Ottawa WordPress Group. Follow @r3designforge on Twitter.