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A speaker at WordCamp Montreal
Photo by Elida Arrizza

Each year WordCamp Montreal strives to offer a wide variety of talks and discussions about WordPress. We are looking for people who are excited about WordPress to entertain our attendees and teach them new things.

Submission Deadline was June 18, 2012 (Sorry!)

Submissions are closed. Apply next year!.

Why speak?

Presenting at WordCamp takes some work but is very rewarding. You get to show off how smart you are, convince people you’re worth hiring and help everyone learn about WordPress, all at the same time. Speakers also receive free admittance to WordCamp.

What we’re looking for

The ideal speaker has a WordPress-related topic they are passionate about and that they can present in 45 minutes with attractive PowerPoint/Keynote slides and detailed coherent explanations. Designers, Bloggers, Businesses and Developers are all welcome! Talks can be in English or French. Your topic should be specific to WordPress.

Show us what you’ve made with WordPress and explain how you did it, or what you learned in the process. Give us concrete examples: code snippets, 10 important lessons you learned, specific advice on how to avoid problems, etc. Nothing is too hardcore, advanced, simple or beginner-level. We’re looking for diversity.

We reserve the right to refuse any submissions.

General Areas

The general fields we are hoping to cover include:

  • Using WordPress to blog and write.
  • Using WordPress to design and build websites.
  • Primers on underlying web technologies (html, css, php, js) that are needed for WordPress development.
  • WordPress plugin and core development and systems administration.

View last year’s schedule for example topics.

Topic ideas

Here’s a list of topics we’d love to see at WordCamp. These are just examples!

User/Blogger Track

  • Finding the perfect themes/plugins
  • HTML for bloggers
  • Using child themes
  • Monetizing your website
  • Attracting readers
  • Writing for the web
  • Case studies of large projects

Designer/Developer Track

  • Creating Bilingual sites
  • Design advice for WordPress
  • CSS tips for WordPress
  • Editing themes and using template tags
  • Creating plugins (intro or in-depth)
  • Releasing and/or selling themes
  • GPL/Free Software and what it means for WP Plugins and themes.
  • Intro to apache/mysql optimization

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